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Friday, October 31, 2008

Cute Costumes

Here is a costume preview while the girls take a nap at the same time before the big night. Sophie's costume had to be altered because of her head and chubby cheeks-ha! I think she looks kind of like a nun with the white hood. Ella's been wearing her costume for close to a month now around the house, she just loves to play dress up. I'll post more pics later!

Here is the story behind Ella's Peep Halloween costume this year. My mom loved peeps! So much so that her co-workers had shirts made last year for the Race for the Cure that said "Sara's Peeps" Here is a picture of the shirt, we all wore it again to this year's Race. So when I saw a Peep costume I became emotional (no surprise there) and ordered it immediately! Sophie's tootsie roll costume went along with the food theme and I must say I think she's the cutest tootsie roll I've seen! Just thought I would explain the cute costumes. Enjoy the pics.

1 comment:

The Jones Family said...

too cute! And such a nice story to include about your mom-thanks for sharing.