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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We are going to be.....

We are having another baby! We are expecting baby #3 sometime in November. We are really excited!

Sophie in her "I'm going to be a Big Sister" shirt. This is how we told some of our family. She looks so big and proud:)

Tadd made an Italian Creme Cake and put "We're Pregnant" on it to tell some of our friends that we had over for dinner. They were all surpised and excited!!

After we told some family we were going to wait a bit to tell others but Ella started telling people such as waitresses and neighbors, she is pretty excited! She has been so funny, she immediately said that she wanted a baby brother. I told her that it was up to God, so she says that she is going to pray for a baby brother. I encouraged her to just pray for a healthy baby-ha!
So, that's it... we wanted to share our exciting news!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Excitement

We had a great Easter! Here is our family Easter picture for the year! We went to Church, then had Brunch at our house with the Farmer's, an exciting Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard, and then went to Tadd's grandparents house in Sheridan for most of the afternoon for more food and a visit.

Brunch without the Easter dresses and suit, wouldn't want to get the syrup on our Easter clothes:)

Let the hunting begin...

Ella definately had some competition this year with Sophie, especially when she figured out the eggs had candy in them!!

She was so excited and fun this year finding all the eggs!!

We were glad it didn't rain this year!

Sophie found out that she could fit an Easter egg in each hand!!

We had a good Easter and it is always an emotional Sunday for me because without Easter and my faith, I would not have the hope of spending eternity in Heaven with Jesus and my parents- who get to have the best Easters ever now in Heaven!!