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Sunday, May 30, 2010


We took the girls to the Gulfarium or as they call it the "Dolphin Show" They loved it and Ella remembered it from the year before last when Sophie was just 3 months old. We didn't go last year but Ella remembered one of the Dolphins names, probably because it was Ariel. They have 3 different animal shows and lots of tanks and areas that remind me of a Zoo. We watched them feed the penguins and saw some sharks and a huge turtle. The shows were good and the Dolphins balanced balls on there noses, jumped through hoops and did lots of cool tricks. It was what I would call the "educational" part of our trip:) Growing up with a family full of teachers, we ALWAYS had to incorporate some education into every trip. I'm trying to continue the tradition (as much as possible with kids that aren't even school ages yet!)

A night on the (Beach) town

When we go to the Beach we often stay at our Condo and grill out by the pools most nights. It's so much easier and the girls have more fun and (as I looked back at last years Beach posts) Sophie had another fully clothed dip in the Pool!! You would think we would learn a lesson-ha! This year she went down the slide in her dress, it was pretty funny and we actually just let her continue but forgot to get any pictures. Anyway... one night we actually went out to the Harbor area and ate a good Dinner. It was a fun outdoor area with lots of activities for the kids: balloons, train rides, an outdoor movie, they had lots of fun!

Sand Sisters

More pictures from the Beach... The girls loved the sand too and made sand castles and looked for seashells. One of the highlights was looking for crabs at night or "Go Crabby" as Sophie said so sweetly. No sign of any oil spill for us, hope it stays that way!!

Sliding Sisters

I've been a slow, bad blogger but I am spending some time today going through our Beach pictures. We spent a week at the Beach this year and have been back for a week now. Here are just some of the cute pictures of the girls playing together in the pools at our Condo. We love it staying here and it is so little kid friendly!! It has lots of zero entry pools with slides and water features. There is even a fun lazy river that Ella loved to swim in, she is a swimming fish lately!! Enjoy the pictures there should be many more to follow...

The girls probably went down this slide over 100 times, especially Sophie who eventually started going down it head first-she has NO fear! It's going to be a busy, fun Summer:)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ella's 1st Dance Recital

On May 14th Ella had her first Big Dance Recital! It was so cute and she did well-for being 4!! They were the youngest little class and had cute Mickey Mouse costumes with Mickey Mouse dolls. It was adorable!! Tadd and Coach sat through their first long dance recital, their expressions were funny! Coach and Gram even brought her flowers, which she was so excited about. She had an entire row of family and good friends that came to watch her! It brought back a lot of fun childhood memories of my 9 dance recitals in the same place! Here are a lot of pictures from the night!

Princess Party

Gabby and Ginger came down a few weeks ago for a visit. While they were here they had a Birthday Party for all the girls. Most of the girls have early Summer birthdays and they can't make it down for all the parties, so Gabby made a big cake and they brought presents and we had a party!

Some of the gifts included new Princess dress up clothes complete with matching tutus, boas, shoes, crowns, and wands! They had a great time playing dress up together.

Blowing out the Birthday candles-4 times!!

Preschool Graduation

On May 2nd Ella had her Preschool Graduation at Church. It was a fun night with a cute little ceremony and the kids walked into the Church to Graduation music, sang some cute songs and were able to say several things in Spanish. We were so proud of them! I can't believe I will have a Kindergarden kiddo soon.

Ella's incredible Preschool teacher, Mrs. Helen. We will miss her so much next year, but no matter how much I asked she says I CAN'T keep Ella with her in Preschool again next year:)

Ella and one of her sidekicks, Brooks.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Disney On Ice

Last weekend the girls and I went to Disney on Ice. They loved it and Sophie even did better than I expected! Ella was so excited about it and after seeing the commercial she thought it was Disney World-guess we got off cheap this time:) They loved the show and getting to dress up! Finley sat with us too and all the girls had a great time!