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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birthday Baking

Ella insisted on making baby Jesus a Birthday cake tonight. I thought it was so sweet that I just couldn't say no, so we made a cake and even put some candles on it. Ella then said, "Mommy you didn't put some fire on it" when I chose not to light the candles. We have tried to stress that Christmas is about the Birthday of baby Jesus rather than Santa and getting presents. It seems to be working so far-ha! I hope that everyone has a Merry CHRISTmas and that we all remember the true meaning during this special season.

Silly Sophie Sue

While Ella and I were making our Birthday cake for baby Jesus, Sophie was making her own mess with some cereal in her highchair. When I went to get her out she had food on her face and head. She has such a sweet and silly little personality and laughs all the time even if she doesn't feel well. She has brought us a lot of much needed laughter this year.

Santa Shots

We have had two photo opps with Santa this week. One being at Ella's Preschool Christmas Party and the other at one of my work Christmas parties. Ella loves Santa this year and Sophie, well not so much. Don't Mr and Mrs Claus look good, they read all of the kids the Christmas story from the Bible at my Abba work party.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cookies

This week we had a Christmas Cookie Swap with several of my friends. So when we were stuck in the house with some icy roads this week, Ella and I had some baking to do. We had a good time and made a big mess. Here are some pictures from the fun!

Here is a picture of Ella's excitement when she saw me come in with all of the Christmas sweets!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Presley's Party

Ella's good friend Presley had her 3rd Birthday Party this weekend! Lindsey always has the cutest party favors and this year it was tutus for the girls. As you can tell by the pictures they all had fun wearing them, including Sophie. Our girls just love to play dress up-everyday! It's really funny when Tadd gets to join in, I'll try to get some pics of this soon. We're staying pretty busy around here with all of the Christmas activities! I'll try to update with some more pictures soon.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Hogs

The Hogs looked good on Friday or atleast they pulled off an exciting win! Here are some pics of the girls in their Hog clothes during this football season. Ella is so good with Sophie, you can really tell in these pictures. Oh and she tells her Daddy when we all watch the Hog games that she is going to be a cheerleader in College. She became fascinated when we went to a game in Fayetteville and will ask where the cheerleaders are when the team is playing, such a girly girl. Also during our nighttime prayers one night this month after a game she prayed for "Brooks' Casey Dick" (he is such a big sports fan-all boy!) Anyway I thought that was precious!!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Here are some pictures from Ella's Thanksgiving Preschool Party last week. They had a good time and we all had a good Thanksgiving with family in Pocahontas! We have a lot to be thankful for, healthy happy kids, families good biopsy reports, good jobs, I could go on for a while! I still miss my parents everyday but am thankful that I will be spending forever with them in Heaven one day! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Clapping and Crawling

Sophie has been changing a lot lately. This month she has been clapping for herself and she also started crawling some to get to us or her toys. I've posted some blog videos to capture these events. Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween

I know it's late but after a stomach bug and busy week I finally looked through some of the Halloween pictures and decided to share a few more cute ones. Ella is saying some pretty sweet things and here are a few: "Look Mom the Christmas trees outside are changing colors!" Sophie was crying and she reached down and patted her head and said "It's Okay Sophie, MeMe's in Heaven" So random, but so sweet!! Maybe she has enough memories of Mom to help me be able to share her with Sophie. I sure hope so! Ella also asked Tadd if a Car Lot was Heaven. Tadd just laughed and said no, not really! Sophie has also been doing some cute things this week that we captured on video and maybe I'll get some time to post them soon! Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

Just part of the group at a Halloween Party at Presley and Chase's house.

One of the only shots of the kids that went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood together.

Sophie and her friend Lucy the mouse.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Cute Costumes

Here is a costume preview while the girls take a nap at the same time before the big night. Sophie's costume had to be altered because of her head and chubby cheeks-ha! I think she looks kind of like a nun with the white hood. Ella's been wearing her costume for close to a month now around the house, she just loves to play dress up. I'll post more pics later!

Here is the story behind Ella's Peep Halloween costume this year. My mom loved peeps! So much so that her co-workers had shirts made last year for the Race for the Cure that said "Sara's Peeps" Here is a picture of the shirt, we all wore it again to this year's Race. So when I saw a Peep costume I became emotional (no surprise there) and ordered it immediately! Sophie's tootsie roll costume went along with the food theme and I must say I think she's the cutest tootsie roll I've seen! Just thought I would explain the cute costumes. Enjoy the pics.

Preschool Party

Ella had her Halloween Preschool Party yesterday. All of the kids were able to trick or treat a few places around the block and have candy and food in the classroom. It was fun and she loves all her new friends in her class.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Pics

Ella's Preschool class had their first field trip last week to a Pumpkin Patch. She had a good time with all of her friends and we added some new pumpkins to the front porch. Here are some pictures from the morning.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Walking Women

Here are some pictures of our family walking last Saturday in Race for the Cure. I say "Walking Women" because with the ages ranging from 7 months-89 years the 2K family walk was the best option for this bunch that included 4 generations and 6 sets of sisters!! My mom used to say that we love girls in our family because there are so few boys and with the addition of Sophie she made the 6th sister set. I told Tadd when we found out she was a girl last year right before Race for the Cure that Mom wanted Ella to have a sister too. This year's Race was filled with too many emotions, I think that last year we were all a little numb! For me it reminded me of all the fun times that Mom and I had together at the Race even with a broken wrist one year as she danced with the band as they played while we were crossing the bridge. I would give anything to laugh with her dancing again but I have to believe that she is smiling down on us everyday and dancing in Heaven (with Dad) and they are both happy and healthy together. Please continue to pray for our Peace!