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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Hogs

The Hogs looked good on Friday or atleast they pulled off an exciting win! Here are some pics of the girls in their Hog clothes during this football season. Ella is so good with Sophie, you can really tell in these pictures. Oh and she tells her Daddy when we all watch the Hog games that she is going to be a cheerleader in College. She became fascinated when we went to a game in Fayetteville and will ask where the cheerleaders are when the team is playing, such a girly girl. Also during our nighttime prayers one night this month after a game she prayed for "Brooks' Casey Dick" (he is such a big sports fan-all boy!) Anyway I thought that was precious!!

1 comment:

karlyn, troy, & bryson said...

They are just so dang cute! From pics..Sophie looks like a twin to Tad! Glad that they had a good game! :) Hope youre making it through the holidays ok so far..thinking about you often! XO!