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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A year ago...

It was a year ago today that my Dad went to Heaven to be with Jesus and my Mom. I know noone remembers these dates and I really wish that I could forget them sometimes. It's been another long year of grieving for me with the loss of both my parents just 6 months a part. I am reminded that God allows us the grace to survive things that seem impossible. I read somewhere this week that in grief we can fall so deep into God's arms that it is impossible to fall. I try to do this daily and depend on God for my peace and strength. It's not always easy and I still get pretty emotional at times. I miss them both everyday and sometimes feel like I can't really believe they are gone. I have to remember that they are together and finally healthy and happy without any pain or suffering. It can be hard to remember that there are no tears in Heaven when we have shed so many. I have been so blessed with my family and our 2 precious healthy girls who keep me going and busy every day.
Julie and I took all the girls to Party Time Pizza in Little Rock today. It was a lot of fun and there are so many activities for the kids. It was pretty busy for a Tuesday because of Spring Break. I didn't get any pictures because we recently lost our memory card to our camera and our new one hasn't come in yet. (I hope we find it because there were so many cute pictures on there and I don't have any of them printed or saved, other than the ones I have downloaded for the blog.) I'm glad I did the little video for Sophie's Birthday or I wouldn't have any of the pictures.
Also there is a sweet baby boy, Stellan, having serious health problems in the Hospital. His Mom has a cute blog you can go to for updates here at They could really use even more prayers and her recent post on prayer is amazing to me. His life is such a miracle already because of heart problems he had in the womb. Anyway check it out. Thanks for letting me ramble even without any pictures.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steamboat Springs

Tadd and I are in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this week with some friends. We are here with the Lanes and the McGinty's and are having a great time. The weather is good and the skiing is fun, but lots of work. Tadd and I have not been sking since we have been together (for over ten years). We have actually been a little better than we thought we would be and stay on our feet most of the time-ha. Here are some of the pictures we have taken so far.

Here is part of the view from our back balcony.

Ski shots from the Mountain. There are some incredible views from the slopes!