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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ella's 1st Day of School

Ella had her 1st big day of school on Thursday! She loved it and Sophie and I are slowly adjusting:) Here are some cute shots of the morning before school.

Mom always had Julie and I hold up one finger on the first day of School. I think that she took our picture every first day of school through our Senior years!! She probably would have done that in College too if it hadn't been 3 hours away in Fayetteville:)

Her little sassy pose!

Sophie had to get in on the pictures too. She even wore her backpack into the school and around the Mall today. She already wants to be like her big sister.

She loves school already and her great teacher!

Sophie wanted to pose with her backpack too!

Taylor, Christian and Ella posing for their first of many back to school pictures together.

The 3 amigos are finally in school together, Ella has wanted to be in school with them for a long time now!

Aunt Julie snapped a quick family pic before we dropped off Ella. This is before Sophie's big meltdown for "her Ella!" She balled leaving the school and wanted to go see "her Ella" most of the 1st day. Tadd said he was so surprised that she cried more than I did. We both managed to make it through 2 days without her, but with a lot of shopping:) I'm just glad that Ella likes school and has adjusted so well! She has been up both mornings around 6 so ready to go (hopefully that early time will be adjusted soon-ha!)

It was a tough day with a lot of emotions and I had a lot of sweet friends and family check on me all day-thank you!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

One more week...

In one week, my sweet baby girl, Ella, will be starting Kindergarden. It's so hard for me to believe! It is very bittersweet as I soak up this last week with my girls at home all day together. They have so much fun playing, swimming, and sometimes fighting with each other:) It will be a big adjustment for us all with a new schedule, early mornings, and only one at home (until November atleast).

It's also a tough day for me because on this day, August, 19th, it will be 3 years since my Mom went to Heaven. My prayer recently has been for Peace on this day as I adjust to not having my baby girl at home with me and as I remember a very tough day for me and my family as we still grieve for my Mom. It will be hard for me to take my baby to the same school where I still often look down the hallway and wish my Mom was still teaching 5th grade (as she did for 15 years there). I will have to remind myself that even though she is not at that school watching over her like I wish she was, she is in Heaven, a much better place, watching over her there! We have Ella's Open House tonight and she is so excited about starting school (which will hopefully make it a little easier for me!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ella's 5th Birthday Party

Ella had her 5th Birthday Party almost 2 months ago. As I was printing up pictures I realized I forgot to do a post on the party. She had a great time and loves swimming, I think there were about 16 of her friends there. Her big thing was she wanted to show everyone how she had just learned to go off of the diving board by herself. (She does it ALL the time now later in the Summer!) It was a fun party!

Gram made her good sugar cookies and cupcakes-yum!

My little swimming fish!

Her BIG jump!

Feeding Frenzy

Sophie is my little cleaner:) and messer!

Baby Brilee

Sophie posing for a pic.