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Monday, August 2, 2010

Ella's 5th Birthday Party

Ella had her 5th Birthday Party almost 2 months ago. As I was printing up pictures I realized I forgot to do a post on the party. She had a great time and loves swimming, I think there were about 16 of her friends there. Her big thing was she wanted to show everyone how she had just learned to go off of the diving board by herself. (She does it ALL the time now later in the Summer!) It was a fun party!

Gram made her good sugar cookies and cupcakes-yum!

My little swimming fish!

Her BIG jump!

Feeding Frenzy

Sophie is my little cleaner:) and messer!

Baby Brilee

Sophie posing for a pic.


harris1013 said...

Looks like she had a fun party!!!

Lora and Casey said...

LOVE that the party was at Longhills...perfect! HOpe you are feeling good. Want to see some belly pics sooon!