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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to the Beach!!

The girls and I were able to take another trip to the Beach this Summer! It was suppossed to be a repeat of the Girls Trip to Gulf Shores that the family took last Summer. Gabby and Ginger were unfortunately unable to go with us this time but wanted the rest of us to still go. We stayed in Fort Walton, FL at Waterscape Condo where the 4 of us usually go each year. We went there to escape the possibility of oil and there were no signs of anything and we had great weather. It was a great trip!! Below are several more posts from the trip.

This is one of my favorite shots! (I'll have to enlarge it and frame it for Gabby and Ginger as a keepsake.)

Playing on the Beach after Dinner.

Sophie being her silly self and refusing to take any group pictures.

Got her!

Me smiling from ALL the good Seafood we ate each night while there. (I was even able to keep it all down and not get sick all week-a first in a long time!! The baby bump is showing signs of this too-ha.))

The water was beautiful from our dinner table! My cousin said, "who could see all of this and not believe in God!" Amen

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