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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drip Castles

The girls and I spent one afternoon making drip sand castles. I remember making these when I was younger with my Mom on the Beach:) I'm sure she didn't originate these sand castles but for me it is one of many memories that I treasure with her. The girls had a blast making them and took a lot of time working diligently on the castles. Ella told everyone that looked at them that she was making the sand castles that her MeMe used to make! She even had to call her Daddy on the phone to tell him all about them. It was very bittersweet but next to having her there making the castles with us it was a fun afternoon to pass along a tradition and memory of my Mom with my girls. We miss her too much but still feel her love!

Sophie had to sit in the water from all the hard work and take a break!

One of the finished products!

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