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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Fun

We had a great Christmas full of lots of excitement with 3 busy young kids! We love being with our families. It's still tough without my parents, I always miss them but I know they are celebrating in Heaven with Jesus!! Here are just some of the cute pictures I just went through...

Our sweet Baby Boy, such a Christmas Blessing!

Chaos with the Cousins while opening some more presents.

In their Christmas Pajamas, it's tough to get a shot with all of them looking!

Chunky cheeks-we weighed him on Christmas at Tadd's parents house and he weighs 11.2 pounds already! (Tadd called my milk Egg Nog-ha! He called it heavy whipping cream with the girls because all my babies have gained weight so fast after they are born-ok probably not real blog appropriate, sorry!)

Sophie loved her Moon Dough

Ella was excited about the Tag Reader and books

Sophie asked for Santa to bring her Turkey and Cheetos, it was hilarious!! She asked for it for over a month so we happily agreed, we really do feed her, a lot. She was pumped about some cheetos even if we didn't wrap up any turkey for under the tree.

Ella saw her (live) goldfish and pillow pet she asked Santa for first thing when she walked in, I thinks she was just a little excited!! I love that Tadd caught all her excitement on the camera!

Five Sweet Stockings!

Before Santa came and brought the Christmas fun and mess. The girls were so good and fun this year and we thought it was so sweet that they asked for very little, we know the bigger things are coming with age. It will be fun to have some more boy things in the mix next year too!!

Santa with Seth

Santa (Coach) comes over on Christmas Eve before delivering ALL the other kids presents. He had some extra time for pictures with the kids! The girls love that his beard turns white on Christmas Eve.

Santa also brought the girls new Big Wheels

They loved them and made many laps around the house before they crashed for the night.

Sweet Seth

Tadd surprised me with a nice gift this year, a new(er) car! It was exciting, he even found a bow to put on it like the commercials-ha!

Merry Christmas

Christmas Card 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

Our weekend was full of Christmas Celebrations. Ella's Kindergarten Party, My work party,our Sunday School Party and Ella had two Birthday parties!! We had a busy, fun weekend and here are lots of pictures to document all of our fun!

Family picture with Santa

Ella hung around near Santa for most of the night! She had on her PJs from her previous party that was a Movie/Pajama Party.

Sophie stayed near Santa too until she was offered some of the Happy Birthday Jesus Cake, she won't turn down food, even for Santa!

Each kid from my work lit a candle on the Happy Birthday Jesus Cake, then we sang! I love working for a Christian Agency!

Daddy hanging out with his Baby Boy!

Santa with our Baby Boy.

Such a good Santa

He even brought the girls early presents.

It was one of many fun parties...

Ella's Kindergarten Christmas Party

Group Class Photo

They had a Santa come too.

Ella decorating her Gingerbread house!
Hope everyone else is enjoying their Christmas Celebrations too!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seth-1 month

My baby boy is one month old today! A friend sent me these cute stickers to put on him each month to take his picture and track his growth. I'm going to try to keep up with what he is doing each month and how much he is growing.

*Weight-not sure but you are growing and we will get your weight at your 2 mth. appt.
*You are nursing every 3 hours in the daytime and wake up about twice at night to eat

*Wears size newborn diapers and newborn clothes, you are in some size 0-3 mos clothes this week
*You are on a pretty good schedule recently and we are doing Babywise again since it worked so well with your big sisters

*You love a bath and will sometimes even fall asleep while you are getting your bath.
*You like your bouncey seat, swing and boppy pillow

*You still take several naps a day
*You sleep anywhere during naps but you sleep in the bassinet by our bed at night

*You spit up a lot after you eat but you are not too fussy and you are gaining weight
*Your big sisters love you so much and so do your Mom and Dad!

Sideways Suspenders Shot

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picture Time

We had a little photo shoot recently for our Christmas Cards and Seth's Birth announcement. Actually, it took a few photo shoots where my friend Rachel came over to try and capture a good newborn picture and a good picture of a crazy family of five! (The picture below is a good example of why she had to take so many pictures!) Honestly, we had several cute ones and I was just glad we even had options. Here are a few of the cute pictures that didn't make the card, I will post the ones that did after the cards come in.

Somebody (ok, it was me) had the great idea to put Seth in his Christmas Stocking for some pictures...

Family of Five!!

Our little Santa Baby

Newborn pictures in his room

Saturday I took Sophie and Seth to Lucy's Birthday party (I forgot to take pictures there) It was fun and Sophie had her face painted. Then we did a little Christmas shopping and then lunch before heading back home.

We had a fun time while Daddy took Ella to do a little Christmas shopping too!

Seth slept through the party, shopping and lunch. Tadd put his little football in the car with him before we left, ha! (He said it was his first Saturday not to watch football on TV for most of the day with Seth) He's a great baby, just fusses a little at night but not for too long.