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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

Our weekend was full of Christmas Celebrations. Ella's Kindergarten Party, My work party,our Sunday School Party and Ella had two Birthday parties!! We had a busy, fun weekend and here are lots of pictures to document all of our fun!

Family picture with Santa

Ella hung around near Santa for most of the night! She had on her PJs from her previous party that was a Movie/Pajama Party.

Sophie stayed near Santa too until she was offered some of the Happy Birthday Jesus Cake, she won't turn down food, even for Santa!

Each kid from my work lit a candle on the Happy Birthday Jesus Cake, then we sang! I love working for a Christian Agency!

Daddy hanging out with his Baby Boy!

Santa with our Baby Boy.

Such a good Santa

He even brought the girls early presents.

It was one of many fun parties...

Ella's Kindergarten Christmas Party

Group Class Photo

They had a Santa come too.

Ella decorating her Gingerbread house!
Hope everyone else is enjoying their Christmas Celebrations too!

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