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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birthday Baking

Ella insisted on making baby Jesus a Birthday cake tonight. I thought it was so sweet that I just couldn't say no, so we made a cake and even put some candles on it. Ella then said, "Mommy you didn't put some fire on it" when I chose not to light the candles. We have tried to stress that Christmas is about the Birthday of baby Jesus rather than Santa and getting presents. It seems to be working so far-ha! I hope that everyone has a Merry CHRISTmas and that we all remember the true meaning during this special season.

Silly Sophie Sue

While Ella and I were making our Birthday cake for baby Jesus, Sophie was making her own mess with some cereal in her highchair. When I went to get her out she had food on her face and head. She has such a sweet and silly little personality and laughs all the time even if she doesn't feel well. She has brought us a lot of much needed laughter this year.

Santa Shots

We have had two photo opps with Santa this week. One being at Ella's Preschool Christmas Party and the other at one of my work Christmas parties. Ella loves Santa this year and Sophie, well not so much. Don't Mr and Mrs Claus look good, they read all of the kids the Christmas story from the Bible at my Abba work party.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cookies

This week we had a Christmas Cookie Swap with several of my friends. So when we were stuck in the house with some icy roads this week, Ella and I had some baking to do. We had a good time and made a big mess. Here are some pictures from the fun!

Here is a picture of Ella's excitement when she saw me come in with all of the Christmas sweets!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Presley's Party

Ella's good friend Presley had her 3rd Birthday Party this weekend! Lindsey always has the cutest party favors and this year it was tutus for the girls. As you can tell by the pictures they all had fun wearing them, including Sophie. Our girls just love to play dress up-everyday! It's really funny when Tadd gets to join in, I'll try to get some pics of this soon. We're staying pretty busy around here with all of the Christmas activities! I'll try to update with some more pictures soon.