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Friday, March 25, 2011

California continued

Here are lots more pics of our California trip! (This should be it...) We had a fun time and crammed a lot of activities into the trip!

Beach Baby

A view of LA and Malibu from the Getty

Santa Monica Pier

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Hotel

A co-worker of Tadd's said he just had to eat here while in California, He did not prepare us for the very interesting show from the homeless man we had while we were eating!!

If you look very closely in between the palm tree and the parking sign you can see the HOLLYWOOD sign-ha. This is as close as we could get because the LA marathon was the next day and they had a lot of the streets closed off for it.

The Hollywood walk of fame or stars?? It was a little cold for Seth so we just drove around Hollywood because there was so much we wanted to see that day!

More skyline views from the Getty Museum.

We spent several hours touring a large Museum called "The Getty" It was really good and the most impressive part to us were the outside views of LA and other surrounding cities.

The Museum was huge and very nice with lots of architectural details, I couldn't really capture it on camera well!

We did the tourist thing and took the pictures of each other:)

Some of the outside landscape of the Museum was really cool with all of the flowers, waterfalls, and sculptures.

These bushes were surrounded by water and a large rock waterfall, almost made me want to come home and plant some flowers-nah!

Santa Monica Pier

Great trip!

Loved spending time with my husband of 10 years and our sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seth-4 months

Seth turned 4 months old while we were in California. (I actually remembered to pack his little stickers but forgot a white onesie they would show up on.) Here are some of his four month shots-at the Beach!

*Weight-? (we go to the Dr next week after Spring Break, so I will update the post later, but he is big:)Update-16 pounds!!
*Height-26 inches
*Wears 3-6 mos clothes and 6-12 month clothes, Size 2 diapers

* He is still sleeping all night in his Bed.
*Nurses 5 times a day (He dropped from 6 to 5 recently)He also will not take a bottle at all right now, I'm going to have to work on this-makes my working some a little tough.
*Still naps several times a day
*Still spits up ALOT but he's happy!

*He laughs ALL the time
*He smiles and coos
*While in Cali we noticed he is very vocal! (Tadd and I said either he was getting louder or we could actually hear him without his big sisters with us!)
*He went to the Church Nursery last week, but only because we were in there keeping the babies-ha! Tadd says he needs to start going soon, but he probably needs to take a bottle first.

*He loves to be outside and we are starting to go on some walks with the warmer weather!!
*He's starting to sit up in the Bumbo seat!
*We all love him so much!! His Big Sisters are just crazy about him!!

He did GREAT on the airplane and our trip, we all had to get readjusted to Arkansas time instead of California time when we came home.

He's such a happy, good baby and we feel so blessed to have him in our family!

I love this sweet face!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Years!!!

Thursday March 17,(St Patrick's Day) Tadd and I had our 10th Wedding Anniversary!! We were able to spend it in California this year which was great! Tadd had to be there for work for a few days so Seth and I met him out there and stayed for several more fun-filled days!!

This was our only picture we took together from the trip! I need to find a Wedding picture but I would need to find one to scan because we don't have any digital photos of our Wedding-I guess we are that old:)I'll find some old pics of our Wedding and us dating and do a sappy, love post later-ha!

The view from our Hotel in Huntington Beach California! We love the Beach!!

This area in Cali is so fun and neat! It had lots of good shopping and restaurants to entertain us on the days it was too cold to be hanging out near the Beaches!

My two cute boys!

Huntington Beach Pier shots!

The Beaches were really big compared to where we usually go in Florida!

The restaurant at the end of the Pier, Ruby's, had the BEST Cinnamon Roll French Toast! So good I was tempted to take a picture-ha! We tried to go back before we flew home but were afraid to get rained on that day, it would have been worth it though!!

Surfs Up!!

This area of California is a big Surfing area-all the black dots in the water are surfers trying to catch the big wave! It was fun to sit and watch the surfers, it's pretty impressive to watch!




and SHOPPING while Seth Sleeps, it was a great little trip! More pictures and posts soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Seth's 3 Month Photos

Here are some MORE pictures we had made of Seth at 3 months old...

I haven't printed pictures in months and decided just to do yearly photo books for the kids each year from my blog posts. Therefore I seem to be posting lots of sweet pics lately. Hopefully they will turn out cute and make me keep up with the blog as a kind of scrapbook!