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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Years!!!

Thursday March 17,(St Patrick's Day) Tadd and I had our 10th Wedding Anniversary!! We were able to spend it in California this year which was great! Tadd had to be there for work for a few days so Seth and I met him out there and stayed for several more fun-filled days!!

This was our only picture we took together from the trip! I need to find a Wedding picture but I would need to find one to scan because we don't have any digital photos of our Wedding-I guess we are that old:)I'll find some old pics of our Wedding and us dating and do a sappy, love post later-ha!

The view from our Hotel in Huntington Beach California! We love the Beach!!

This area in Cali is so fun and neat! It had lots of good shopping and restaurants to entertain us on the days it was too cold to be hanging out near the Beaches!

My two cute boys!

Huntington Beach Pier shots!

The Beaches were really big compared to where we usually go in Florida!

The restaurant at the end of the Pier, Ruby's, had the BEST Cinnamon Roll French Toast! So good I was tempted to take a picture-ha! We tried to go back before we flew home but were afraid to get rained on that day, it would have been worth it though!!

Surfs Up!!

This area of California is a big Surfing area-all the black dots in the water are surfers trying to catch the big wave! It was fun to sit and watch the surfers, it's pretty impressive to watch!




and SHOPPING while Seth Sleeps, it was a great little trip! More pictures and posts soon!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Thank you for your kind, understanding words! It's often the little things & moments that catch you off guard. Braysen & baby #2 definitely bring joy! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Congratulations for 10 years!