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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Shots

My work party with ABBA had a Christmas Party with lots of food, fun, kids, and a visit from Santa! Here are some of our family pictures with Santa.

School Christmas Parties

Sophie's Preschool Party was last week. She had a fun party with a nice Brunch. I was able to spend the whole morning with her which was great.

They all sang us some cute Christmas songs!

They even used bells while singing Jingle Bells!

There was a visit from Santa!

She even asked Santa for a Purple Dog-hopefully she doesn't remember that request! (I think that she said it after another kid requested one and she hasn't mentioned it since.)

I love her little look on her face in this picture! They all sat in a circle and waited to sit on Santa's lap. They also listened to a sweet Nativity Story-I love that they teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas!! I only wish they did that in ALL schools but that will have to be our job as parents.

Ella had a Christmas party this week in school too! When I arrived she had this little wild-eyed look. She had lots of sugar and fun on her last day of school.

She worked hard on her Ice Cream cone tree.

Then had fun eating it. She had her hair cut recently too-she wanted it short like Sophie's!

A picture with her awesome teacher, Mrs Roe.
I loved spending time with my sweet girls at their schools!!

Memphis Marathon

Tadd ran in the Memphis Marathon on Dec 3rd with his Brother Josh. They completed the half Marathon- it was 13 miles-whoo! We all went up to Memphis for the weekend and stayed with Josh and Sarah and had a good time.

We went on a carriage ride through downtown and the girls loved it-Seth too!

Having fun walking and shopping in Memphis with my girls!

Ella's Activities

Ella has been playing Basketball this Fall for the first time! They are a beginning team with lots to learn but they are fun to watch and all having a good time!

She is working on dribbling,

and passing...

Here she is having a little chat with her Daddy-who is helping Coach.

Team cheer at the end-Go Blue Devils!!

Ella was also in her School Play in November.

She had a lead role as "Mama Bear" She did great with all of her lines and we were SO proud of her!!

She loves first grade and school. She is doing great and growing up too fast!

Christmas Concerts

The girls had their Christmas Choir Concerts at Church this month. They each sang several cute songs with their groups and did great. This was Sophie's first year to sing with her 3 year old group, she was a little shy but did good singing!

This was Ella's group on stage in big Church. The 1st through 5th grades did a good, long performance on a Sunday night that was great. There were several songs that they all knew well. I didn't get many good close ups and I'm not good at uploading videos but here is a shot of them in action while singing.

We took LOTS of pictures of the kids one Sunday after Church in their matching Christmas clothes. These are the only cute ones where they were even looking. We will probably try again though.

Christmas Cooking-We have had some fun cooking some Christmas goodies lately and plan to do a lot more this weekend!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Time

I've decided to take some pictures each year of some of our Christmas trees and decorations to help me remember each year where I put things. Here are lots of pictures of some of our things we did this year!

Living room tree

Dining room tree

Close -up

Wide view

Christmas card tree that Tadd made a few years ago. We love cards and like to keep them out and they used to COVER the fridge until he made this.

Ella's tree-it's new this year and I let her decorate it with Sophie after I did the mesh! She loves it! (I forgot to take pics of Sophies tree-Ella's old ones.)

Seth's little sock monkey tree is new this year too! I wanted to do it last year but didn't get time. This year I found lots of cheap, cute little ornaments at Cracker Barrel.

When Sophie saw me taking pictures she had to get in one too! She's a great little helper to have around!!

Outside decorations!

Some inside decorations

Our 5 stockings!

The girls helping me make Christmas candies for one of our parties-after Dance! They are so fun and are really looking forward to Christmas and celebrating Jesus Birthday!