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Saturday, December 24, 2011

School Christmas Parties

Sophie's Preschool Party was last week. She had a fun party with a nice Brunch. I was able to spend the whole morning with her which was great.

They all sang us some cute Christmas songs!

They even used bells while singing Jingle Bells!

There was a visit from Santa!

She even asked Santa for a Purple Dog-hopefully she doesn't remember that request! (I think that she said it after another kid requested one and she hasn't mentioned it since.)

I love her little look on her face in this picture! They all sat in a circle and waited to sit on Santa's lap. They also listened to a sweet Nativity Story-I love that they teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas!! I only wish they did that in ALL schools but that will have to be our job as parents.

Ella had a Christmas party this week in school too! When I arrived she had this little wild-eyed look. She had lots of sugar and fun on her last day of school.

She worked hard on her Ice Cream cone tree.

Then had fun eating it. She had her hair cut recently too-she wanted it short like Sophie's!

A picture with her awesome teacher, Mrs Roe.
I loved spending time with my sweet girls at their schools!!

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