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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Concerts

The girls had their Christmas Choir Concerts at Church this month. They each sang several cute songs with their groups and did great. This was Sophie's first year to sing with her 3 year old group, she was a little shy but did good singing!

This was Ella's group on stage in big Church. The 1st through 5th grades did a good, long performance on a Sunday night that was great. There were several songs that they all knew well. I didn't get many good close ups and I'm not good at uploading videos but here is a shot of them in action while singing.

We took LOTS of pictures of the kids one Sunday after Church in their matching Christmas clothes. These are the only cute ones where they were even looking. We will probably try again though.

Christmas Cooking-We have had some fun cooking some Christmas goodies lately and plan to do a lot more this weekend!

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