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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sophie shopping

Here are some cute and funny pictures I took of Sophie and I shopping. I mentioned in a previous post that shopping is how we adjusted to Ella being gone at school all day:) We are also getting ready or baby Seth's arrival this way! She has a thing for shoes! She and Ella are both very excited about having a baby brother. We are getting his room ready and having fun with it and shopping for boy clothes too!

Sophie thought she needed to try on some rain boots that matched her clothes

and some shoes with monkeys on them...she loves monkeys and has recently been calling people "silly monkey or monkey head" Not sure where this came from but she really keeps us laughing!!

Here she was laying out some clothes she thought that Seth needed:)

Being her silly self!

She loves wearing her back pack and carrying it with her like her big sister Ella!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Long Summer!

It's hard to believe that Summer is basically over! The pools closed yesterday and I put up swimsuits and cleaned out some closets all night-nesting must be in full swing-ha! I was looking through some pictures of our Summer and here are several cute shots. Our Summer was pretty hot and long but filled with lots of fun including: swimming a lot at Longhills pool, many Magic Springs trips (until the 100 degree weather and humidity hit!), two fun Beach trips, slip n slides, grilling and eating outside, and many more memories!! It's hard to believe that next Summer I will have one more baby in tow for all this fun!!