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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby's Baby

Sophie LOVES her babies! She is such the little Mommy! She rocks them, changes them, puts them night night, kisses them, feeds them.... She has a new baby and diaper bag with all the baby essentials from her Birthday and she loves them! Some of these pictures capture her excitement and love of babies! I just love this little face and how cute it is as she Mommies her baby! (Then she goes and hits her sister-ha) Afterall, she can't be cute and sweet all the time now that she is 2!!

Mommy's baby!! I will always call her my baby! Ella calls herself my Big girl Baby and Sophie my Little girl baby! They will ALWAYS be my babies!!

Sophie Sue turns TWO!!

Sophie Sue is now TWO! We had a little party at the house on Tuesday for her Birthday with some family and a few friends! Here are some sweet pictures from all the fun!

Sophie and Ella in there cute matching dresses that Gram made!

Family shot

Party table

Gram made a good cupcake cake and cookies and cupcakes-yum!!

Kids table with little party favors

We decided to blow up a bouncy house IN our living room. Only a little furniture rearranging required that provided some entertainment for the kids!

Coach had fun at the party too!!

The big kids eating, I think the little kids were all jumping!

Sophie was so cute blowing out her candles and did so good!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Starting Softball

Ella had her first softball practice tonight. We all met inside and the 12 girls had some drills and the parents met to discuss schedules and uniforms. It was pretty cute and funny to see them all in their first little practice together. This will be a very beginning and young team, (as none of the girls have ever played before). Tadd and Scott are the Coaches and they did great with all of these first time little players! I can't wait for the first game to see all the girls play in their uniforms together! Ella was so excited about the practice and did pretty good for her first time.

Tadd with ALL of the girls!

A few pics of practice with Sophie trying to join in, of course!

Swinging practice, just look at that good stance-ha!

Our little Ballplayer-ha!

Sophie practicing her skills too:) My sweet baby girl will be 2 tomorrow!! Can't believe it, I will try post some pictures from her small party we are having tomorrow soon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Preschool Party

Ella had her Valentines Preschool Party on Wednesday at Leah's Gymnastics. They all had a great time playing and having snacks at her party. Sophie and I joined her for some of the fun!

The three Amigos. Ella, Brooks, and Sophie, minus Pax.

More friends playing

Action shot of Ella playing! (Sophie is escaping in the background!)

Sophie sliding, she loves to run from me and I could barely get her to leave, without a major meltdown, she was having so much fun. We will have to start her in Gymnastics soon. Ella took at her age and Mom would come and watch her in the "Mom and Me" class. They all thought she looked SO much like Ella, I think so too!

Her shirt says: "My Heart Belongs to Daddy!" (It sure does)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Storm #2

We woke up on Monday morning to a second Big snow storm!! The snow was so pretty and heavy at times. Tadd stayed home from work and spent the day at home with ALL the girls:) We had a fun, relaxing day! There was lots more snow than last week and we all tried to play outside in it, but didn't last too long!!

This was how much snow piled up on the back porch, BEFORE it stopped snowing!

ALOT more than last week!

Ella posing and trying to catch the BIG snowflakes in her mouth! Aunt Julie and the girls brought us some snow ice cream to eat later!!

Making snow balls!

Sophie thinking, "Do you really expect me to go out there in that!!"

"I don't think so!"

Sophie barely let me put her down when we attempted to play in the snow! I don't really blame her since it was close to her knees:) Ella lasted only for a short time. To say I have girls girls is an understatement-we headed inside soon after our little photoshoot for some Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows by the fire, followed by some movies!!

Our lousy attempt at building a Snowman-ha!

My friend Lindsey, at made me this Winter sign for our front door this year with cute snowflakes! I didn't know how MUCH snow we would actually be getting this year at the time!!