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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Preschool Party

Ella had her Valentines Preschool Party on Wednesday at Leah's Gymnastics. They all had a great time playing and having snacks at her party. Sophie and I joined her for some of the fun!

The three Amigos. Ella, Brooks, and Sophie, minus Pax.

More friends playing

Action shot of Ella playing! (Sophie is escaping in the background!)

Sophie sliding, she loves to run from me and I could barely get her to leave, without a major meltdown, she was having so much fun. We will have to start her in Gymnastics soon. Ella took at her age and Mom would come and watch her in the "Mom and Me" class. They all thought she looked SO much like Ella, I think so too!

Her shirt says: "My Heart Belongs to Daddy!" (It sure does)

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