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Monday, February 22, 2010

Starting Softball

Ella had her first softball practice tonight. We all met inside and the 12 girls had some drills and the parents met to discuss schedules and uniforms. It was pretty cute and funny to see them all in their first little practice together. This will be a very beginning and young team, (as none of the girls have ever played before). Tadd and Scott are the Coaches and they did great with all of these first time little players! I can't wait for the first game to see all the girls play in their uniforms together! Ella was so excited about the practice and did pretty good for her first time.

Tadd with ALL of the girls!

A few pics of practice with Sophie trying to join in, of course!

Swinging practice, just look at that good stance-ha!

Our little Ballplayer-ha!

Sophie practicing her skills too:) My sweet baby girl will be 2 tomorrow!! Can't believe it, I will try post some pictures from her small party we are having tomorrow soon!

1 comment:

Lora and Casey said...

Love this!!! I am just dying to come see them play. Tadd and Scott coaching makes me smile!!!