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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brilee's Barnyard Birthday

My 3rd niece, Brilee, turned 2 last week! She loves animals because her Daddy's parents live on a farm with animals. Julie had a cute Barnyard themed Birthday party for her.

Brilee Ann-look at those sweet curls and that cute face. She is one sweet, sassy, strong-willed little thing! She has to be with 3 mommas-Julie, Taylor, and Christian

The girls riding the Cow/hay bale Julie had set up out back for the kids to play on.

My almost 6 year old!!

With 3 nieces and 2 daughters, Tadd sure is glad to have a BOY to hang out with at all of the girls Birthday parties he gets to attend!!

The cute and yummy cake.

Sophie almost dove into the cake-just like her Mom:)

Brilee loves her good Daddy (and looks just like him)

Brilee hugging one of her friends bye! She can be so sweet too!!

Monday, May 30, 2011


We all dressed in white clothes one night at the Beach to take our pictures in the sand. It was pretty busy with five but we managed to get a few decent pictures to document our trip!

Sophie crashed on Tadd's leg one night in the middle of dinner, it was cute. All that swimming and fun can really wear a 3 year old out!


On our last day of Vacation we woke up a little earlier and asked the girls what they wanted to do on their last day at the Beach. They quickly answered, "Dolphin Show" so we rushed around to get ready and went to the Gulfarium close to our Condo for the morning shows. They both love going every Summer and even remember the Dolphins names from year to year. We had a great time and actually learned something while on Vacation, which made me feel a little better about Ella missing a whole week of school!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sand N Sun

Here are LOTS of our fun pictures from our yearly Beach trip to Fort Walton Beach! We had a great time this year as always and enjoyed our fun family time together!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seth-6 Months

Our sweet baby boy is 6 months old today!! We are at the Beach this week-just the 5 of us! We are having a great time and having Seth with us this year makes it busy and so much fun! (It's much better than the nausea and sickness I had last year at the Beach when I was pregnant with him.) Here are his 6 month pictures from the Beach, with his stickers but without his rocker and sock monkey.

Six month stat update- At his 6 month Dr appt Seth weighed 18 pounds and 14 ounces (75%) and was 27.25 inches long and his head was 18.25 inches. He is a big and healthy baby!!
*weight-17.5 pounds last month We have his 6 month appt. next week when we get home, but probably atleast 18 lbs. by now. Length-?
*Wears size 6-12 month or 9 month clothes, size 3 diapers
*Nurses 5 times a day and gets cereal at night, probably starting some veggies next week!
*Sleeps all night in his bed and takes at least 3 naps a day

*Smiles and laughs ALL the time
*Babbles, says da da the most
*Still spits up a lot but maybe that will get better as he sits up more and gets more solids soon
*loves to be outside and loves being at the Beach (like his Mommy!)

*He's such a happy, sweet baby! (We have had several comments from others this week that he is so happy and they ask if he ever cries or fusses-not much!)

He is having fun at the Beach and being outside so much!! It's a little cooler than usual this week and the pool water is colder than normal so he hasn't been in the pool yet!

I love this sweet face and we feel so blessed to have him! He is starting to get a little bit of hair and it looks like it may be darker than the girls but we will see... I say this every month but I cannot believe he is already 6 months old!!

He sat up for most of these pictures but with the help of a little sand to support him.

He eventually grabbed handfuls of sand and of course tried to put it in his mouth.

Seth and Mommy, I love this baby boy so much!!

Seth with his silly sisters-they love him so much and they are both so good with him!