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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brilee's Barnyard Birthday

My 3rd niece, Brilee, turned 2 last week! She loves animals because her Daddy's parents live on a farm with animals. Julie had a cute Barnyard themed Birthday party for her.

Brilee Ann-look at those sweet curls and that cute face. She is one sweet, sassy, strong-willed little thing! She has to be with 3 mommas-Julie, Taylor, and Christian

The girls riding the Cow/hay bale Julie had set up out back for the kids to play on.

My almost 6 year old!!

With 3 nieces and 2 daughters, Tadd sure is glad to have a BOY to hang out with at all of the girls Birthday parties he gets to attend!!

The cute and yummy cake.

Sophie almost dove into the cake-just like her Mom:)

Brilee loves her good Daddy (and looks just like him)

Brilee hugging one of her friends bye! She can be so sweet too!!

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