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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a fun Halloween with a lot of activities and even more candy!! Here are some shots of the girls in their costumes. We had plenty of choices with all of the dress up clothes we have and all of the old costumes from cousins. The girls ended up with Ella being a cheerleader and Sophie being a Peep.

The girls playing around with the pumpkins on the front porch!

I caught Ella striking a pose and doing a cheer.

Sophie makes such a cute little Peep. This was Ella's old costume and my Mom's favorite sweet!

Sophie had a great time this year and kept us laughing as usual. She loved passing out candy and often met the trick or treaters in the middle of the sidewalk to give them their candy! When we took them to join the fun she gave the first two houses candy out of her bag-it was pretty funny!

The girls doing some of their favorite activities before our Church's Fall Carnival tonight. Ella is writing in her Journal-she loves to write her letters and spell words lately! Sophie was going through the Toy adds from the paper today-ha!

Trick or Treat!! Sophie would usually forget to say thank you until after she left the door, then she would turn around in the middle of the yard and yell "thank you, You have a Happy Halloween."

Silly Sophie-She was playing in some old costumes this month that were other options for her to wear and looked so cute in this one to me!

Sophie also called every activity we had this week her "Halloween Birthday Party!"

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seth's Nursery

Baby Seth's room is really coming together! It's almost finished so I decided to finally take some pictures. My friend Lindsey brought the awesome canvases that she painted for his room over tonight. We immediately hung them and I love how his sweet little room turned out.

Tadd spent hours working on the great window seat that he built for his room. He even put lighting underneath it! I saw it in a magazine from a fabric store and liked the bedding in the picture but he said he could build the seat for his room too. The only thing he has left to finish are the shelves that go on both sides of the window.

My friend Lindsey at made his cute canvases that we put over the bed. She is so creative and good, check out some of her work!

I wanted some color on the walls so Tadd added the turquoise stripes.

A picture of the opposite wall, I may add a few things after the shelves are up and he gets here for pictures!

A close up of the bed and bedding! I love how it turned out with his initials. I bought lots of fabric for the bedding, curtain, window seat, and pillows! Then Tadd's Mom sewed for days to make it all come together so well. She has quite the talent for sewing!

A close up of the window seat with lighting and the rug. (I found all the colorful baskets at Target and the rug at Land of Nod.)

The view from the door/hallway.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I was waiting on the weather to cool off some before I took the girls to the pumpkin patch this year. Well, it still hasn't cooled off so Coach and Gram took them for a while today after the girls stayed the night with them last night. I think they can tell I'm getting more tired lately (It's probably the early school mornings with Ella, keeping up with a very busy and active 2 year old, Sophie, and the last month of Seth's pregnancy-ha!) Anyway, they had a great time and on the way to get pizza for the game I met them there to catch a little of the fun and take some pictures. Thanks Coach and Gram for the fun day with the girls! Here are some pictures after they did some of the fun things such as the hay ride, jumping house, petting zoo, swing set, and tractor rides. I hated to miss all of the fun so I made it for the final few activities they had!

By the time I arrived they were hot and tired but still had to get their pumpkins to carve.

Sophie calls pumpkins a "pumpkin patch." She had some clothes on with a pumpkin on them last week and called the pumpkin on her shirt a "pumpkin patch" all day! She keeps us laughing.

Sophie wanted to give the scarecrow a big hug! The sign above it said Ella on it too.

The girls only kept their heads in the barn animal cut outs for like 2 seconds for the photo opp...

Here is what Tadd and the girls did tonight with their pumpkins they brought home. A Princess pumpkin and their version of a scary face.

So we had two more cute pumpkins to add outside!

A shot of our front door Fall Decorations.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seth's Shower

Some of my sweet friends had a baby shower for me last week to help me prepare for Seth's arrival. I had a lot of family come in town for the shower and a visit. It was a great shower and I was given some cute boy things for him!! We can't wait to meet him and add a boy to our family full of girls!! We are getting ready for him to be here soon and I'll put pictures of his little room up soon when it's completely finished. It has been fun to get ready for this sweet baby boy!

My sweet friends, the hosts!

Some of my family that came to town for the shower.

Gabby wanted a picture of her 3 granddaughters! We each have 3 kids and only the first and last out of 9 are boys-ha! That's a lot of girl drama-just ask our husbands!!

Some pictures of the cute table decorations! Including hand painted pumpkins with his initials! The food was so good! I have great, creative friends that can really cook too!

Baby Bump pictures-probably the only ones I'll take or post!

34 and 32 weeks!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Memphis Memories

We spent last weekend in Memphis, probably our last family trip as a family of four before Seth's arrival! I had some work to do in the area so we decided to make a full weekend out of it. We spent time with Josh and Sarah, went to the Memphis Zoo, went on a horse and carriage ride downtown. We had a great time and the Fall like weather made it a perfect weekend to be outside for most of it. Here are some of our pictures from the Zoo and carriage ride. The girls loved it all, they loved all of the animals at the Zoo, and even thought they were in Cinderella's carriage:)

Our little family of four-but not for long!

Josh and Sarah were with us most of the time since they live in Memphis. The girls had a blast with them and talked about them for almost a week after we were home!!

The hippos, Ella and Sophie were fascinated.

The monkeys here were very entertaining: If you can tell by the picture below, the small red head was a baby monkey that several of the bigger monkeys fought over most of the time we were watching them. Then they ran away from each other with that small baby monkey hanging on for dear life!

Sophie told several people about the monkeys that "take that baby away from his momma and ran away and jumped with him" it was so cute in her little voice to hear her tell it. I should have recorded it!

The panda bears were another big hit!

So were the Carousel and the elephants...

The Memphis Zoo was very nice and big!! We will have to go back again!

We had to sit and study the maps before the big day!

We had a great weekend and Uncle Josh and Aunt Sarah even kept the girls for us at their house one night so we could sleep in at our Motel, can't get too much sleep lately! It was a great little trip!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hog Season

Tadd and I spent the weekend in Fayetteville with friends for the Alabama game. It was probably the most exciting and tense game I remember going to. We stood up for almost the entire game and it stayed exciting until the end:( We had a good time with friends and the kids stayed home with Coach and Gram. The guys hung out before the game and tailgated. Some of the girls spent that time shopping and eating:)

The boys had some important people beside them while tailgating, Jerry Jones and some of his enterauge (sp?) pulled up in a Dallas Cowboys Bus and some of his group ate and played Baggo with them during the day.

Even though the girls stayed back I had them dressed up in some Hog clothes to support the team!

Here are a few shots of Ella posing before School.

Sophie being her silly self in her Hog clothes.