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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I was waiting on the weather to cool off some before I took the girls to the pumpkin patch this year. Well, it still hasn't cooled off so Coach and Gram took them for a while today after the girls stayed the night with them last night. I think they can tell I'm getting more tired lately (It's probably the early school mornings with Ella, keeping up with a very busy and active 2 year old, Sophie, and the last month of Seth's pregnancy-ha!) Anyway, they had a great time and on the way to get pizza for the game I met them there to catch a little of the fun and take some pictures. Thanks Coach and Gram for the fun day with the girls! Here are some pictures after they did some of the fun things such as the hay ride, jumping house, petting zoo, swing set, and tractor rides. I hated to miss all of the fun so I made it for the final few activities they had!

By the time I arrived they were hot and tired but still had to get their pumpkins to carve.

Sophie calls pumpkins a "pumpkin patch." She had some clothes on with a pumpkin on them last week and called the pumpkin on her shirt a "pumpkin patch" all day! She keeps us laughing.

Sophie wanted to give the scarecrow a big hug! The sign above it said Ella on it too.

The girls only kept their heads in the barn animal cut outs for like 2 seconds for the photo opp...

Here is what Tadd and the girls did tonight with their pumpkins they brought home. A Princess pumpkin and their version of a scary face.

So we had two more cute pumpkins to add outside!

A shot of our front door Fall Decorations.

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