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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seth's Nursery

Baby Seth's room is really coming together! It's almost finished so I decided to finally take some pictures. My friend Lindsey brought the awesome canvases that she painted for his room over tonight. We immediately hung them and I love how his sweet little room turned out.

Tadd spent hours working on the great window seat that he built for his room. He even put lighting underneath it! I saw it in a magazine from a fabric store and liked the bedding in the picture but he said he could build the seat for his room too. The only thing he has left to finish are the shelves that go on both sides of the window.

My friend Lindsey at made his cute canvases that we put over the bed. She is so creative and good, check out some of her work!

I wanted some color on the walls so Tadd added the turquoise stripes.

A picture of the opposite wall, I may add a few things after the shelves are up and he gets here for pictures!

A close up of the bed and bedding! I love how it turned out with his initials. I bought lots of fabric for the bedding, curtain, window seat, and pillows! Then Tadd's Mom sewed for days to make it all come together so well. She has quite the talent for sewing!

A close up of the window seat with lighting and the rug. (I found all the colorful baskets at Target and the rug at Land of Nod.)

The view from the door/hallway.


Miranda said...

This is AMAZING!!! I love everything!! :-) You have a wonderful eye for decorating!!!

harris1013 said...

LOVE IT!!! Tadd, you are very talented...Elizabeth better keep you around...

Jennifer said...

I love the nursery!! It is so cute!!

Lora and Casey said...

OMG! E, Seth's nursery is so adorable! I love it so much! Great job to you, Tadd, and Linds. :)

Kristin F. said...

Congrats on baby Seth AND his cute nursery. Thanks for stopping by and commenting today :).

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

What a fun room! I love it!