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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seth's Shower

Some of my sweet friends had a baby shower for me last week to help me prepare for Seth's arrival. I had a lot of family come in town for the shower and a visit. It was a great shower and I was given some cute boy things for him!! We can't wait to meet him and add a boy to our family full of girls!! We are getting ready for him to be here soon and I'll put pictures of his little room up soon when it's completely finished. It has been fun to get ready for this sweet baby boy!

My sweet friends, the hosts!

Some of my family that came to town for the shower.

Gabby wanted a picture of her 3 granddaughters! We each have 3 kids and only the first and last out of 9 are boys-ha! That's a lot of girl drama-just ask our husbands!!

Some pictures of the cute table decorations! Including hand painted pumpkins with his initials! The food was so good! I have great, creative friends that can really cook too!

Baby Bump pictures-probably the only ones I'll take or post!

34 and 32 weeks!

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