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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Birthday

Here is a video of Sophie's Birthday. It begins with a picture of her Birthday Blueberry Muffin in the a.m. (another tradition my Mom started with us while growing up) Also it has a picture of her asleep facing the front in her carseat. It totally threw Ella off when Sophie had a new carseat and was able to face the front. Sophie loved her cake as you will see but did not love the Birthday hat. We just had some family and close friends over for Pizza and cake. Sophie's cute Birthday outfit was made by Gram (Tadd's Mom). It looked so cute even with the cake all over it. She also made the cake and all the sweets, we are still on a sugar high. Ella took left over cupcakes to her preschool class and told them it was her Birthday. She loves Birthdays and thinks everytime she has a cupcake or goes to Party Central it is her Birthday Party-too funny! I cannot believe my Baby is one!! Enjoy the cute party pics!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sophie Sue

This time a year ago I was in labor with my Sweet Sophie Sue. What can I say about my baby girl. She is such a blessing to us. She has such a bubbly, energetic personality. Julie says she came out screaming but what she didn't see was the brief time her chord was around her neck and she wasn't screaming! I had forgotten that detail until just now, it's funny what all you forget about the pains of pregnancy and labor after they are here. (I know all mothers out there can understand this!)
Another detail that I did not forget, although Tadd probably wishes I would,is the fact that I drove to the Hospital by myself as Tadd and Ella were napping. I told Tadd where I was going and laid his phone by him on the couch but when I called him to let him know I was going to be staying and where I had put the packed bags he said "where are you?" It's a pretty funny story but I won't go into all of the details. Anyway, several emotional hours later my sweet baby girl was born and we bacame a family of four. It was hard to imagine loving another baby this much after loving Ella so much and losing so much only 6 months before her birth I thought it was not even possible. But as I sit in bed, with the rest of my family sleeping again, I know that God knew it was possible and I cannot imagine loving any baby more. As my Mom liked to say about Ella, "She has completely captured our hearts." Mom knew I was having another baby and even knew our boy and girl baby names. We decided to name her Sophie Sue because Mom's middle name is Sue. I know Mom is watching over us and believe that they can see Sophie growing up. I have read that they will know and recognize us when we get to Heaven so I pray daily for my children to become Godly women. She has been such a blessing to us!
Sophie is now "speed crawling" all over the place and keeps us on our toes as you can see by her venture up our stairs. She loves her big sister Ella and playing with her! One of Sophie's first words was even Ella or her own version of it. She also says da da, bye bye, ma ma, and we are working on bite. She recently added "uh oh" and loves to repeat it when she drops things on purpose. She is very mobile pulling up and walking around things. She is pretty close to walking anytime now. (I just hope it's not when Tadd and I will be out of town in a week.) Sophie loves to laugh and is such a happy baby. She has the cutest gut giggle that sounds a lot like a screaming laughter. She only has two bottom teeth but she is a great eater and can often out eat her big sister. They look a lot alike and have a lot in common. I love every minute of being a Mom!

I have posted a picture of her birth announcement, I was not blogging when she was born. Sorry for the long post, I am not really creative enough to scrapbook and know I will probably never do one, so the blog has turned into another version of a scrapbook for me! (It sometimes becomes a journal too-sorry!) I will post some pictures from her 1st Birthday Party we are having tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Slicky Suit

When Gabby was here she bought Sophie this Slicky Suit from Old Navy. I thought it was so funny and put it on her one cold wet day his week. You could hear her swishing down the hall when she crawled after us. It reminds me of the old slicky sweatsuits that used to be popular. Ha!

Play Pals

Sophie's friend Lucy came over to play last week. They had lots of fun together! Lucy and Sophie are only 8 weeks apart. We need to get them to Benton so they can be in the same classes in school! Lucy is walking and has atleast 12 teeth and Sophie is taking her time on both-ha. They will be great friends like her Mom and I have been for years. Lucy will have a baby sister, Sally this Summer.

This is Ella's new favorite Play Pal-The Wii!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Princess Pez Package

Uncle Josh and Aunt Sarah sent Ella this cool package of Princess Pez dispensers all the way from Memphis. Ella loves Princesses and candy! You can see the excitement on her face and Sophie just tried to eat the candywrapper off! Thanks Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh! Come see us soon, we miss you!

Date with Daddy! Ella and Sophie went to Burger King on Valentines Day with their Daddy! It was Ella's pick, she likes the playground of course. They had a lot of fun. No pictures because I was able to stay home, sleep late and go to the gym! Then Tadd cooked us steak and Lobster-my pick!! What a good Valentine!!


We had to get out the babygate this week! We found Sophie at the very top of the stairs when Ella was hollaring "Mom, I need help with Sophie!" She had tried to stop her from getting to the top. We went straight to the attic and found the babygate Mom had bought us when we first moved here for Ella. We put it to good use then and it's going to be put to good use now. I sure am glad Ella was being the good Mom when I wasn't-she is very good with Sophie!

Sophie is all over the place! She looks so proud that she made it to the top.

Party Central Party

Ella's Preschool Valentines Party was at Party Central last week. All of her Preschool friends were there and they had so much fun. I took Sophie for some of it and didn't get to take many pictures chasing her around too. I took a few of Ella and Brooks posing together in their Valentines shirts and some of Sophie playing in the Basketball pit. They had a good Valentines Day, hope yall did too!

Ella had her hair cut last week. Several inches came off, can you tell?

It should be a while before Sophie gets a haircut!!

I wonder if Ella and Brooks will ever have a real Valentines Day date?? ha ha

Her Daddy probably won't ever let her date! (Even Brooks)

Swinging Sisters

It was nice outside some this week so I had the girls out swinging. Ella loved pushing Sophie and believe it or not Sophie loved it too!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gym Girls

Ella has gymnastics on Mondays. She may not be a gymnast in her future but for now she is having fun in class with her friends. We may be trying Dance class next year-we'll see. The kids her age are pretty cute and funny in her class. Sophie is very busy these days and today she wanted down to join in on the fun. We made our way to the trampoline and she crawled all over it and climbed all over the mats. I have my hands full with her lately, she is all over the place but not walking yet-it should be pretty soon.

Family & Fayetteville

Well the Family left town on Thursday after 11 days in Benton. They finally got power and were able to go home and start the clean up process. It was definately busy having them all here and we missed them the minute they left! I'm pretty sure they will not be back for that long of a time period ever again so we tried to enjoy it while it lasted. We spent a lot of the time talking about Mom and how much fun she would have had being here with us. We all continue to miss her so much! Ella talks about her all of the time. Last week she was outside and looked up and said, "Me Me, I'm not going to come up there to see you today!" Oh, how sweet, but I wish we could!

Tadd and I have spent two seperate days in Fayettevile this month because I had to be up in that area doing Home Studies for work. We went to a Hog Basketball game, ate out a lot, saw old College friends and even slept in some. This last Friday we were barely able to get down some roads because of all the downed trees and limbs everywhere. North Arkansas really was hit pretty hard! It seems like this month will be here and gone fast, we are planning Sophie's first Birthday Party soon. It's so hard to believe my baby will be one! I'll try to post her cute little invitation soon.