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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Princess Pez Package

Uncle Josh and Aunt Sarah sent Ella this cool package of Princess Pez dispensers all the way from Memphis. Ella loves Princesses and candy! You can see the excitement on her face and Sophie just tried to eat the candywrapper off! Thanks Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh! Come see us soon, we miss you!

Date with Daddy! Ella and Sophie went to Burger King on Valentines Day with their Daddy! It was Ella's pick, she likes the playground of course. They had a lot of fun. No pictures because I was able to stay home, sleep late and go to the gym! Then Tadd cooked us steak and Lobster-my pick!! What a good Valentine!!

1 comment:

lilcobbers said...

Wow! Lots of new posts! I love Ella's haircut- very cute! I can't believe Sophie was at the top of the stairs...guess that's what 1 yr. olds how time flies!