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Monday, February 9, 2009

Family & Fayetteville

Well the Family left town on Thursday after 11 days in Benton. They finally got power and were able to go home and start the clean up process. It was definately busy having them all here and we missed them the minute they left! I'm pretty sure they will not be back for that long of a time period ever again so we tried to enjoy it while it lasted. We spent a lot of the time talking about Mom and how much fun she would have had being here with us. We all continue to miss her so much! Ella talks about her all of the time. Last week she was outside and looked up and said, "Me Me, I'm not going to come up there to see you today!" Oh, how sweet, but I wish we could!

Tadd and I have spent two seperate days in Fayettevile this month because I had to be up in that area doing Home Studies for work. We went to a Hog Basketball game, ate out a lot, saw old College friends and even slept in some. This last Friday we were barely able to get down some roads because of all the downed trees and limbs everywhere. North Arkansas really was hit pretty hard! It seems like this month will be here and gone fast, we are planning Sophie's first Birthday Party soon. It's so hard to believe my baby will be one! I'll try to post her cute little invitation soon.

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