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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sophie Sue

This time a year ago I was in labor with my Sweet Sophie Sue. What can I say about my baby girl. She is such a blessing to us. She has such a bubbly, energetic personality. Julie says she came out screaming but what she didn't see was the brief time her chord was around her neck and she wasn't screaming! I had forgotten that detail until just now, it's funny what all you forget about the pains of pregnancy and labor after they are here. (I know all mothers out there can understand this!)
Another detail that I did not forget, although Tadd probably wishes I would,is the fact that I drove to the Hospital by myself as Tadd and Ella were napping. I told Tadd where I was going and laid his phone by him on the couch but when I called him to let him know I was going to be staying and where I had put the packed bags he said "where are you?" It's a pretty funny story but I won't go into all of the details. Anyway, several emotional hours later my sweet baby girl was born and we bacame a family of four. It was hard to imagine loving another baby this much after loving Ella so much and losing so much only 6 months before her birth I thought it was not even possible. But as I sit in bed, with the rest of my family sleeping again, I know that God knew it was possible and I cannot imagine loving any baby more. As my Mom liked to say about Ella, "She has completely captured our hearts." Mom knew I was having another baby and even knew our boy and girl baby names. We decided to name her Sophie Sue because Mom's middle name is Sue. I know Mom is watching over us and believe that they can see Sophie growing up. I have read that they will know and recognize us when we get to Heaven so I pray daily for my children to become Godly women. She has been such a blessing to us!
Sophie is now "speed crawling" all over the place and keeps us on our toes as you can see by her venture up our stairs. She loves her big sister Ella and playing with her! One of Sophie's first words was even Ella or her own version of it. She also says da da, bye bye, ma ma, and we are working on bite. She recently added "uh oh" and loves to repeat it when she drops things on purpose. She is very mobile pulling up and walking around things. She is pretty close to walking anytime now. (I just hope it's not when Tadd and I will be out of town in a week.) Sophie loves to laugh and is such a happy baby. She has the cutest gut giggle that sounds a lot like a screaming laughter. She only has two bottom teeth but she is a great eater and can often out eat her big sister. They look a lot alike and have a lot in common. I love every minute of being a Mom!

I have posted a picture of her birth announcement, I was not blogging when she was born. Sorry for the long post, I am not really creative enough to scrapbook and know I will probably never do one, so the blog has turned into another version of a scrapbook for me! (It sometimes becomes a journal too-sorry!) I will post some pictures from her 1st Birthday Party we are having tomorrow.

1 comment:

jill said...

i was thinking her birthday was close! hard to believe it's been a year. i love this post about having a 2nd child. even being pregnant makes me wonder how in the world you heart can expand so much to love the 2nd as much as the first. obviously i know it does - just another sign of God's goodness and grace. love y'all!! happy birthday sophie sue!!