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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Softball Start

Ella's Softball Season has officially started! They had their first game tonight and did pretty well. We were so proud of her, she tried very hard and hit the ball twice from a pitch and not the tee. She made it to first both times and even scored once. We were not sure what to expect, but of course we thought she did great, especially for her very first game. The team didn't win but the score was 4-11 and the most important thing is, they had a great time!!

Batter's Box

Her first at bat and first base hit:)

Ella's biggest fan!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gabby's Girls

We spent part of Spring Break week this week at Gabby's house! We went up to be with family for few days since they can't get down here to see us as much. We had a good time and ate ALOT of good homemade food. The girls love to visit and chase Gabby and Ginger around wanting to play:) I remembered to take some pictures on this visit!

Gabby had a full lap most of the time! I'm sure they wore her out:)

They love their hugs from Gabby!

Aunt Ginger insisted on Ella having "craft time" with her one day during Sophie's nap. I guess that is the school teacher in her!! We made a trip to WalMart to get all kinds of art supplies and spent one afternoon making lots of cute crafts together, it was fun! They promise me that she IS ready for Kindergarden:(

Of course there was a trip to Burger King for lunch and to play on their playground! Crowns and wands included:)

Such little posers!!

We had a good visit and wish we lived closer so we could have more family time! I love being with them and talking about Mom a lot! My girls really enjoy our visits up there!! We will be back soon!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sophie's Sidekicks

Sophie has MANY side kicks lately including: sunglasses, milk cup, her Daddy, and Ella (not pictured are-babies, dress up shoes, and her Mommy) recently dropped favorite sidekick-her PACI!!

Look at those Big Blue eyes-I just love them!

And that sassy little face!!

Today was such a nice Spring like day (before the rain) Tadd did some yard work outside while I changed out the girls closets inside, nothing like some good Spring cleaning! Anyway, he called me from the back yard and told me to come look at where Sophie had positioned herself...

She had perched herself in a chair on the back cart path to watch her Daddy mow. She pushed her play mower behind him during the front yard mowing but I guess she was too tired to continue in the back:)

She keeps us laughing so much lately!!

Then earlier tonight while Tadd was watching Basketball she drug in a blanket from Ella's room and covered herself and Tadd up on the couch-too cute!

Here are a few cute shots of them posing together!

Also while cleaning I found Sophie and Ella trying to hide in a new box that Aunt Ginger bought us, they wouldn't quite fit!!

Some of Sophie's newer sayings are: "What you doin?" Then we tell her and she says "Ohhhh!" (She has several phrases and full sentences that she has added to her vocabularly recently.) She is a huge eater and constantly asks, " I wanna bite." Whenever we leave somewhere she chases you down and screams, "I wanna kiss" and will chase you down to give you a big wet kiss-ha!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Final Finale!

For our final night in Vegas we had Dinner at the Bellagio outdoors, right next to the fountains. We made reservations at a nice Steakhouse called Prime and dressed up for the night. It was so good and Tadd called it the best meal he ever ate:) We had an incredible view of the fountains for over 2 hours.

After Dinner there was a great Band playing at our Hotel and we went and danced for a while. My favorites-Dinner and Dancing, it was a great ending to a great trip with my sweet husband (who TRIED to surprise me with this trip for our Anniversary-9 years on St. Patricks Day!!)

Here are a few shots from our table! Seeing the show at night and that close was pretty amazing!

We were pretty close and when we decided to sit outside instead of in the waiter warned me that we could get a little "misty" from the water. We felt it a little but the heat lamps, good view, and great food made it worth it!

Here is another great view:) Some pictures of "the world's largest chocolate fountain!"

I'm sure it is not as big as the Chocolate Fountain in Heaven! My Mom (who loved chocolate!!) always said that there was going to be a chocolate fountain for her in Heaven and I'm sure she is loving it!!

This particular fountain was in a large Bakery inside one of the Motels-yum!!

There were also these flowers that were all made out of chocolate too-pretty impressive!

We have been home for almost a week now and I'm not sure we have caught up on sleep yet with the time change and losing 3 hours last Saturday (flying back from Vegas and Daylight Savings)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vegas at Night

We are in Dallas for a long lay over to get home from Vegas to see the girls. (We tried two standby flights with no luck!) I've had some time to go through most of our Vegas pictures and post some. It's been a good distraction, I miss my babies!

Bellagio at Night

Paris-Eiffel Tower - Below are pictures from the very top of this Tower

The fountains at the Bellagio from up in the Eiffel Tower

Views of the Strip from above (in the Eiffel Tower)

More fountain shots from WAY up in the air

I'll probably post more from home...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

We are in Vegas for a small little get away! We have been here less than 24 hours and time definately stands still here! It seems like we have seen most of the strip and had A LOT of good food! Here is the view from our room which is pretty nice!

We walked up and down the strip today and took lots of pictures, the buildings are pretty amazing inside and out!

Here is a shot of an indoor, elevated restaurant behind Tadd.

This is from the inside of the "Miracle Mile Mall" where we shopped a lot and had some great food! The painting above you makes you think you are outside. At one point in the mile of stores there was a water show and at another place there was an indoor rain storm complete with light changes and sound effects of a storm. (It wouldn't photo well)

This is a shot outsife the Paris Hotel with a replica of the Eifel Tower.

Here is a picture from one of the many glassed in walkways above the streets on the strip.

A picture from inside the Bellagio.

We are waiting on the water show from the fountains outside the Bellagio. The water behind me and the sky was so pretty and blue today.

Here is a shot of the fountain watershow in the daytime. At one point it shot water up above the Hotel, it was cool but we want to go back and see it at night too.

Well we had our short rest, now it's back out to see more of the sites, we definately look like tourists out here!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Silly Shots

"Marathon Man"-Tadd ran in the Little Rock Marathon on Sunday. He and Uncle Josh ran the half Marathon, only 13.1 miles:) I cannot imagine! Ella loved playing with his "medal" and wore it half the day. She made her Daddy put it back on for a pic.

Ella wore sponge rollers for the first time to bed, she is such a little prissy thing posing for the mirror and camera. It was too cute! Sophie had to take part in the fun too-briefly!

Another funny thing from the weekend was a Sunday School thing called "You've been Flushed" A toilet appears in your yard and gets to stay for two days and you take pictures to be put on our Sunday School Departments Blog, and then pass it on to others in our class. It was so funny to see how many people got out of their vehicles to look at a decorated toilet in your front yard and the signs on it. Tadd thought it would be funny to take their picture reading a paper sitting on it:)