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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

We are in Vegas for a small little get away! We have been here less than 24 hours and time definately stands still here! It seems like we have seen most of the strip and had A LOT of good food! Here is the view from our room which is pretty nice!

We walked up and down the strip today and took lots of pictures, the buildings are pretty amazing inside and out!

Here is a shot of an indoor, elevated restaurant behind Tadd.

This is from the inside of the "Miracle Mile Mall" where we shopped a lot and had some great food! The painting above you makes you think you are outside. At one point in the mile of stores there was a water show and at another place there was an indoor rain storm complete with light changes and sound effects of a storm. (It wouldn't photo well)

This is a shot outsife the Paris Hotel with a replica of the Eifel Tower.

Here is a picture from one of the many glassed in walkways above the streets on the strip.

A picture from inside the Bellagio.

We are waiting on the water show from the fountains outside the Bellagio. The water behind me and the sky was so pretty and blue today.

Here is a shot of the fountain watershow in the daytime. At one point it shot water up above the Hotel, it was cool but we want to go back and see it at night too.

Well we had our short rest, now it's back out to see more of the sites, we definately look like tourists out here!


Mary Lynn said...

I've only been to Vegas once, but the Bellagio fountains were my favorite! The weather was beautiful when we were there and I could have sat and watched the water for hours. Enjoy yourself!

Lindsay and Robert said...

I'm so impressed with your long distance post! Looks like you guys are having a blast! Yesterday was our first day back on the slopes - we were a little wobbly, but are still having a great time. I'll take some photos today to post on the Lucy Files. Love y'all!

Lindsey Cobb said...

Looks like y'all are having a great time! Enjoy the get-a-way!

Lora and Casey said...

So jealous!! Ya'll have a great time! Love you both...