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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gabby's Girls

We spent part of Spring Break week this week at Gabby's house! We went up to be with family for few days since they can't get down here to see us as much. We had a good time and ate ALOT of good homemade food. The girls love to visit and chase Gabby and Ginger around wanting to play:) I remembered to take some pictures on this visit!

Gabby had a full lap most of the time! I'm sure they wore her out:)

They love their hugs from Gabby!

Aunt Ginger insisted on Ella having "craft time" with her one day during Sophie's nap. I guess that is the school teacher in her!! We made a trip to WalMart to get all kinds of art supplies and spent one afternoon making lots of cute crafts together, it was fun! They promise me that she IS ready for Kindergarden:(

Of course there was a trip to Burger King for lunch and to play on their playground! Crowns and wands included:)

Such little posers!!

We had a good visit and wish we lived closer so we could have more family time! I love being with them and talking about Mom a lot! My girls really enjoy our visits up there!! We will be back soon!!!


Lindsey Cobb said...

Looks like you girls had a fun trip! I love craft time! Cute flowers!

harris1013 said...

Glad you guys had fun...Cute pictures!