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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Final Finale!

For our final night in Vegas we had Dinner at the Bellagio outdoors, right next to the fountains. We made reservations at a nice Steakhouse called Prime and dressed up for the night. It was so good and Tadd called it the best meal he ever ate:) We had an incredible view of the fountains for over 2 hours.

After Dinner there was a great Band playing at our Hotel and we went and danced for a while. My favorites-Dinner and Dancing, it was a great ending to a great trip with my sweet husband (who TRIED to surprise me with this trip for our Anniversary-9 years on St. Patricks Day!!)

Here are a few shots from our table! Seeing the show at night and that close was pretty amazing!

We were pretty close and when we decided to sit outside instead of in the waiter warned me that we could get a little "misty" from the water. We felt it a little but the heat lamps, good view, and great food made it worth it!

Here is another great view:) Some pictures of "the world's largest chocolate fountain!"

I'm sure it is not as big as the Chocolate Fountain in Heaven! My Mom (who loved chocolate!!) always said that there was going to be a chocolate fountain for her in Heaven and I'm sure she is loving it!!

This particular fountain was in a large Bakery inside one of the Motels-yum!!

There were also these flowers that were all made out of chocolate too-pretty impressive!

We have been home for almost a week now and I'm not sure we have caught up on sleep yet with the time change and losing 3 hours last Saturday (flying back from Vegas and Daylight Savings)

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harris1013 said...

So glad you guys had a great time!!!