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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sophie's Sidekicks

Sophie has MANY side kicks lately including: sunglasses, milk cup, her Daddy, and Ella (not pictured are-babies, dress up shoes, and her Mommy) recently dropped favorite sidekick-her PACI!!

Look at those Big Blue eyes-I just love them!

And that sassy little face!!

Today was such a nice Spring like day (before the rain) Tadd did some yard work outside while I changed out the girls closets inside, nothing like some good Spring cleaning! Anyway, he called me from the back yard and told me to come look at where Sophie had positioned herself...

She had perched herself in a chair on the back cart path to watch her Daddy mow. She pushed her play mower behind him during the front yard mowing but I guess she was too tired to continue in the back:)

She keeps us laughing so much lately!!

Then earlier tonight while Tadd was watching Basketball she drug in a blanket from Ella's room and covered herself and Tadd up on the couch-too cute!

Here are a few cute shots of them posing together!

Also while cleaning I found Sophie and Ella trying to hide in a new box that Aunt Ginger bought us, they wouldn't quite fit!!

Some of Sophie's newer sayings are: "What you doin?" Then we tell her and she says "Ohhhh!" (She has several phrases and full sentences that she has added to her vocabularly recently.) She is a huge eater and constantly asks, " I wanna bite." Whenever we leave somewhere she chases you down and screams, "I wanna kiss" and will chase you down to give you a big wet kiss-ha!