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Monday, November 28, 2011

Seth-12 months

Our sweet baby boy turned 12 months old on the 18th!! He is getting to be such a cute little boy! He looks so big to me in these pictures!

*Weight/Length-we go to the Dr this week for his one year check-up
*He is crawling quickly and pulling up everywhere. He's pretty good at walking around furniture or behind things but he has No real interest in walking alone yet.
*Says a few words such as Da Da, Bye, what sounds like Ella, and get. He points at things that he wants and kind of grunts saying a form of look or get.

*His tubes seemed to have worked and he hasn't had any ear infections since-although he still pulls at his ears a lot but I think it's just a habit.
*He loves to gut giggle and laugh-mostly at his sisters.
*He follows them around and likes to play ball or catch with them. They are so sweet with him!!

*He still only has 2 teeth.
*He is down to nursing only twice a day now and takes whole milk in a sippy cup the other 2 times. He is a great eater and will eat just about anything you give him. Some of his favorites are bananas, strawberries, turkey, cheese, bagels, green beans...

I can't believe that he is already one and I am trying to enjoy every minute of it-even his cute little fits to be held! He is such a sweet and fun baby. We all love him so much!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pumpkin Party-Seth's 1st Birthday

We had a fun little 1st Birthday Party for Seth. We had a Pumpkin themed Fall party with Chili, Hot Dogs, Fruit Kabobs, and lots of cake, cupcakes and cookies. We were going to have a little hay ride for the kids and roast hot dogs and s'mores but the rain stopped that. After several pictures with Seth inside a large Pumpkin, Tadd made his cute little invitation!

Mommy with the Big Birthday Boy after his Cake

Pumpkin Poses

Seth's Monthly pictures that we took each month in a frame

Fruit Kabobs that I put in a pumpkin-that's as creative as I get!

Seth taking a ride on one of his new Birthday toys. He loves it!

Gram made his little shirt with a #1 on a pumpkin in a wagon with hay! She is so creative!

Cake Time

He liked his cake but didn't really get too messy!

Look at that sweet little face

Gram made all of the good desserts too!

A few of the Party Decorations!

It was a fun, little Birthday Party with a few friends and family! We sure love our sweet baby boy who is getting big and growing up fast!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a fun and busy Halloween this year!! We are slowly recovering from all of the Fun activities and too much candy! I'm just now going through all of the pictures and finally updating the Blog. We had a Big Sunday School party at our house on Friday night with lots of kids and adults-it was fun but with hosting I forgot to take any pictures. Then on Saturday we went to Spook City. On Sunday night we had the Harvest Carnival for kids at our Church. Then Monday was Halloween and Tuesday was Tadd's Birthday. It was a long and fun-filled weekend and week!!

Seth's First Halloween!

Two of my little animals in their costumes!

Aunt Julie and Cowgirl Brilee on the Hayride

Hayride pics-We had a little hayride for the Sunday School party and for trick or treating-the kids loved it!!

The girls being silly while passing out (and eating)lots of Halloween Candy! This is one of their very favorite parts of Halloween every year.

A quick Photo shoot of the kids in their Fall/Halloween clothes.

So many silly and sassy faces with 3 kids!

Sleepy little Monkey

Silly girl at the Hunger Fest

Bumble Bee-just one of Ella's MANY costumes for all of the activities this year! The costumes included: Poodle skirt girl, Bumble Bee, Pajama Girl, a Fairy-she still loves to dress up and change clothes-a lot! (I just let her be herself EACH night and didn't care what she wore as long as she was having fun!)

My Monkey

My sweet little Monkey for Halloween! Seth dressed up a few times for Halloween this year! He is quite a little climber and was a Monkey this year for Halloween! For the most part he did pretty well and didn't mind wearing his costume. I'm sure he will love all the candy next year like the girls always do! This year he had fun playing and even tried a Diet Coke:)

Sunday Shots

We attempted a quick photo session with the kids dressed in their Sunday best one morning. We didn't get our Christmas card photo yet but some of them were cute of their little expressions!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preschool Party

Sophie's Preschool class had their little Halloween Costume Party last week. I forgot to take many pictures since I was helping with the party but here are a few cute ones I did take. She was the cutest little Baby Jaguar (from Diego). They had a fun little party.