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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunday Smocks

A few Sundays ago the girls wore their cute little smocked dresses to Church and after I attempted to get their picture together. Here are some of the results, I don't know how photographers do it!? We only have a few of these cute dresses a season and Gram made Ella this pretty blue dress doesn't it look cute. Gotta go, naptime is OVER!

Fathers Day Fun

We went to the pool on Fathers Day afternoon because it's too hot to be outside and not in a pool (and it's only June). They want to be out all the time. The girls had fun swimming with their Daddy and both of them love the water. Ella is turning into quite a fish and says "I go under deep, deep water!!" It's like 3 feet deep but she thinks it is so fun. Sophie loves to play with buckets and shovels so she should love the Beach. She also likes to walk around the pool constantly and has no fear at all. She keeps me on my toes this year at the pool, no naps in the shade!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lake and Longhills

We recently spent part of a weekend at the lake with the Lanes and their boys. We had a good time riding in the boat and playing in the pool. Here are some fun pics of us in the boat. Sophie wasn't sure at first but eventually took a nap sitting up wearing Brooks hat and Ella had fun helping Josh drive the boat. She wouldn't ride the big tube with Josh and Brooks but had fun watching them on it.

Also... we have been to Longhills a few times already this Summer and added are some pictures from the girls playing in the Pool. Taylor and Christian have been with us a lot lately since Brilee was born and like joining us for a swim too. Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer like we are!!

Posing with Daddy on the Boat

Out cold...we eventually put her in the shade and she enjoyed most of the boat ride sleeping.

Ella had fun driving the boat with Josh and so far she is better at the boat rather than the car-ha!!

Josh and Brooks swimming with thumbs up!

Ella and Brooks just cruising in the Sun.

Josh with thumbs up and Brooks with thumbs down on the BIG tube. One wanted the driver to speed up and one wanted to slow down. The next day in the car Ella told me thumbs down-she told me I was going too fast and needed to slow down!! (She was probably right.)

Precious Pax

My attempt at trying to get Sophie to enjoy the boat ride.

Waiting on the dock at Fishermans Wharf-love the Crab Legs!!! (I hate to admit I have already had them 3 times this Summer!)

The girls playing in the baby pool at Longhills. When I have all 4 of them I usually make them stay in the little pool most of the time!

Love that belly!

The 4 amigos!!

Sophie staring down a duck!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ella's 4th Birthday

Ella turned 4 on Monday! It's still hard to believe that my baby who isn't really a baby anymore is already 4. We had her Birthday party at Leah's Gymnastics where she takes gymnastics. Lots of her friends came including all her little preschool friends that were added to the list this year. It was cute they all thought Mrs. Helen, their teacher, was going to be there too. The kids had fun and it was a good party. Here is a slide show from the party. The girls little party favors were some of the dress up things they are wearing in the slide show. I hope they all like to dress up as much as she does! Happy Birthday Ella!