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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ella's 4th Birthday

Ella turned 4 on Monday! It's still hard to believe that my baby who isn't really a baby anymore is already 4. We had her Birthday party at Leah's Gymnastics where she takes gymnastics. Lots of her friends came including all her little preschool friends that were added to the list this year. It was cute they all thought Mrs. Helen, their teacher, was going to be there too. The kids had fun and it was a good party. Here is a slide show from the party. The girls little party favors were some of the dress up things they are wearing in the slide show. I hope they all like to dress up as much as she does! Happy Birthday Ella!


Lindsay and Robert said...

Great photos!! Ella looks so grown up - and so does Sophie! Let's definitely get everyone together next week. Love you!

Lora and Casey said...

Ella is such a little E-O - I love it! And such a big girl. Pretty soon, you can have a Halloween party for her where all the kids collect different ingredients from the neighborhood and stir it all know where I'm going with this! :)

One question, where is Tadd's tutu?