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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fathers Day Fun

We went to the pool on Fathers Day afternoon because it's too hot to be outside and not in a pool (and it's only June). They want to be out all the time. The girls had fun swimming with their Daddy and both of them love the water. Ella is turning into quite a fish and says "I go under deep, deep water!!" It's like 3 feet deep but she thinks it is so fun. Sophie loves to play with buckets and shovels so she should love the Beach. She also likes to walk around the pool constantly and has no fear at all. She keeps me on my toes this year at the pool, no naps in the shade!

1 comment:

Lindsay and Robert said...

Cute, cute post!! Soph looks like a little Ella in that last photo. You're right - it's too hot to do anything but stay inside or be in the water. Hope you guys are having a great week, talk to you soon!!