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Monday, October 11, 2010

Memphis Memories

We spent last weekend in Memphis, probably our last family trip as a family of four before Seth's arrival! I had some work to do in the area so we decided to make a full weekend out of it. We spent time with Josh and Sarah, went to the Memphis Zoo, went on a horse and carriage ride downtown. We had a great time and the Fall like weather made it a perfect weekend to be outside for most of it. Here are some of our pictures from the Zoo and carriage ride. The girls loved it all, they loved all of the animals at the Zoo, and even thought they were in Cinderella's carriage:)

Our little family of four-but not for long!

Josh and Sarah were with us most of the time since they live in Memphis. The girls had a blast with them and talked about them for almost a week after we were home!!

The hippos, Ella and Sophie were fascinated.

The monkeys here were very entertaining: If you can tell by the picture below, the small red head was a baby monkey that several of the bigger monkeys fought over most of the time we were watching them. Then they ran away from each other with that small baby monkey hanging on for dear life!

Sophie told several people about the monkeys that "take that baby away from his momma and ran away and jumped with him" it was so cute in her little voice to hear her tell it. I should have recorded it!

The panda bears were another big hit!

So were the Carousel and the elephants...

The Memphis Zoo was very nice and big!! We will have to go back again!

We had to sit and study the maps before the big day!

We had a great weekend and Uncle Josh and Aunt Sarah even kept the girls for us at their house one night so we could sleep in at our Motel, can't get too much sleep lately! It was a great little trip!

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The Haywoods said...

Love seeing them with your kids!