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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ella's Talent Show 2011

Ella and nine of her little Kindergarten friends were in their school Talent Show on Tuesday. They did a dance to Grease Lightening. They wore poodle skirts and "Pink Ladies" Shirts while the boys wore "T-Birds" shirts with rolled up jeans and their hair slicked back and sunglasses. It was really cute and they were the youngest group. They practiced a lot for several weeks after School. They all did a great job!

Posing for Pictures

Taylor was in the Talent Show too dancing with some of her friends to "Splish Splash"in their towel wraps. It was really cute.

Cute Cousins

Her cute little dancing group

Dancing up on Stage, she loves it!

The ending pose, for a few weeks now she has told people that there was an embarassing part when she has to sit on a boys knee-ha! I'm glad she feels that way now!

Taylors group doing their Dance.

1 comment:

harris1013 said...

Love it!!! So good to see you and the Lil Man yesterday.