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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picture Time

We had a little photo shoot recently for our Christmas Cards and Seth's Birth announcement. Actually, it took a few photo shoots where my friend Rachel came over to try and capture a good newborn picture and a good picture of a crazy family of five! (The picture below is a good example of why she had to take so many pictures!) Honestly, we had several cute ones and I was just glad we even had options. Here are a few of the cute pictures that didn't make the card, I will post the ones that did after the cards come in.

Somebody (ok, it was me) had the great idea to put Seth in his Christmas Stocking for some pictures...

Family of Five!!

Our little Santa Baby

Newborn pictures in his room

Saturday I took Sophie and Seth to Lucy's Birthday party (I forgot to take pictures there) It was fun and Sophie had her face painted. Then we did a little Christmas shopping and then lunch before heading back home.

We had a fun time while Daddy took Ella to do a little Christmas shopping too!

Seth slept through the party, shopping and lunch. Tadd put his little football in the car with him before we left, ha! (He said it was his first Saturday not to watch football on TV for most of the day with Seth) He's a great baby, just fusses a little at night but not for too long.


The Hudspeth's said...

The family pic is awesome!! I am so impressed, Rach!

harris1013 said...


Lora and Casey said...

E, Seth is presh - as is the whole family! Love these pictures. :)

Lindsey Cobb said...

Love the pics!