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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween

I know it's late but after a stomach bug and busy week I finally looked through some of the Halloween pictures and decided to share a few more cute ones. Ella is saying some pretty sweet things and here are a few: "Look Mom the Christmas trees outside are changing colors!" Sophie was crying and she reached down and patted her head and said "It's Okay Sophie, MeMe's in Heaven" So random, but so sweet!! Maybe she has enough memories of Mom to help me be able to share her with Sophie. I sure hope so! Ella also asked Tadd if a Car Lot was Heaven. Tadd just laughed and said no, not really! Sophie has also been doing some cute things this week that we captured on video and maybe I'll get some time to post them soon! Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

Just part of the group at a Halloween Party at Presley and Chase's house.

One of the only shots of the kids that went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood together.

Sophie and her friend Lucy the mouse.


The Farmer Files said...

Passing through from Hawaii! Aloha! I love to meet other Farmer families! Maybe we are long lost cousins! Hope to "see" you in Hawaii!

harris1013 said...

Your kiddos are so cute! I love Ella's comments. Hope you guys are doing better now...stomach viruses are terrible.