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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tasty Treats

It's Ella's snack day tomorrow and I decided she needed something homemade with a Halloween theme. So I tried to get creative and made some Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats with icing and chocolate chip eyes. After making over 15 of them and cleaning up, I looked at Tadd laughing and asked why I thought it was necessary to try and be "Suzi Homeaker" for a 3 year old. He made the comment back that my Mom would be proud. Anyway, I thought they turned out cute although she will probably get something out of a box for her next snack day. (Just like Sophie only gets her homemade veggies part of the time now-ha.)


lilcobbers said...

I'm very impressed!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I am so glad that someone else thinks like me! I try so hard to be suzy homemaker but always ends up being to much touble!

karlyn, troy, & bryson said...

Elizabeth I think it's awesome! And yes, your mom would be proud!! I'm impressed too...they're soo cute! I love it!

Jennifer said...

WOW! How did Ella like her snacks? Miss you guys, Jen