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Monday, October 3, 2011

Seth-10 months

Our sweet boy is already 10 months old. (A few weeks ago actually but I did take these pictures that day) He really looks older to me in these pictures and I just wish that this time would stop going so fast! I just love my babies!

*Weight: 22 pounds
*Wears 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers
*Nurses 4 times and eats some baby foods but mostly finger foods such as bananas, green beans, carrots, or basically anything we put in front of him! He's a great eater!

*Poor thing has recently had his 6th ear infection and has been on 3 antibiotics just this month! (may be one reason for my lack of blog posts)
*We have an appointment with an ENT tomorrow to discuss tubes
*He has still been pretty sweet for the most part and I think this last ear infection is mostly gone finally!

*He is crawling ALL over the place!! He really likes to follow me or his sisters around.
*He is pulling up a lot but not standing or walking at all yet-not a problem for me, crawling is busy enough!

*He didn't feel great in these pictures but he still loves to smile, laugh, and babble a lot-his favorite thing to say is still da da.
*He is a very sweet and loved baby!
I can't believe he is almost one!

A cute pic I took of him with my phone this month. His new smile is with his entire face and he will copy you when you do it! He sometimes needs a good sink bath after he smears his morning banana all over him!

A sweet little picture I took of him before church all dressed up!

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Lindsay and Robert said...

SUCH. CUTE. PHOTOS. Let's get together soon!!!