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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Fest

A few weeks ago Ella's school had their Fall Fest. The kids dress up and attend a Carnival with booths and Blow up Bounce Houses. They have a lot of fun!! Here are a few pictures I took from that night.

Since the Fall Fest was so early we had to come up with the girls costumes pretty early this year. For now Ella wore her Grease outfit from the Talent Show last year and Sophie wore Ella's old baby Jaguar Halloween costume from Diego!

A few shots at the house before we left.

Ella is now missing her two bottom teeth! (The only two that Seth has for now-ha)

A few pics with cousin Brilee-the cutest little Cowgirl there!

What a sweet little cousin hug with sassy smiles! I can't believe that I didn't get a picture of Seth but he just hung out in the stroller being sweet as usual.

Since the Fall Fest-We ALL 4 had a stomach bug while Tadd had to be out of town all week for work-ugh! We barely made it through that long week! Then he came home and a day later Seth had tubes put in his ears. Then Tadd had a brief round of the bug too. It's been a busy time for us around here-and the Laundry room!!

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