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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sophie's School

Sophie started 3 year old Preschool last week! She loves it and was so excited to get to go to school like Ella. These are some pics from her first day and Open House.

She goes to School two mornings a week at our Church where Ella went and has the same great teach, Mrs. Helen. She is already singing songs, learning new things, and saying the sweetest prayers since being there. She is so excited when she gets to go and asks to go every day, I am so glad that she is happy there.

She has been wearing her back pack around since Ella started school ready to go to "Peee-school"

Her sweet little back pack hanging with the others.

She crashed in the Car after her first day of Preschool-on the way to pick up her sister from School. On the way to School the first morning she asked me what Seth and I were going to do without her-ha!

Love that Silly Grin

Open House Shots

*Bad Blogger-so I'm not even sure if anyone still reads this blog but here is a list of what we have been up to lately (or some of my excuses for not blogging). Ella's school schedule and starting Dance, Sophie starting Preschool, Seth is crawling everywhere and had a cold-that he shared with us- and a double ear infection, 2 very part-time jobs being busier than usual, getting back into Fall Wednesday night Church and Bible Studies, Tadd working non stop on a big project in the back yard-I may blog on that later! (Oh and I finally started Facebook-ha and then found Pinterest-when will I ever sleep!)


Lora and Casey said...

Hey Elizabeth - I totally get the bad blogger thing...I've been terrible! I loved looking at your pics tonight and catching up on your sweet family. I love you guys!

Cliff @ Instant Self Hypnosis said...

Isn't Seth the cutest? Loving all the smiles and smirks of your adoring children.