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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

Here were some pictures off the camera from Spring Break. While we were in California, the girls were being spoiled by Coach and Gram. (Those pics are all on Grams camera) They had fun at the Zoo, Chuck E Cheese, Larry's Pizza, and four wheeling on their land, and lots more. They jumped from one fun activity to the other the whole time. They had a good time and probably were not ready for us to come back, even though we couldn't wait to see them! The rest of Spring Break we mostly stayed home other than gymnastics, softball practice, and we went to Party Central one day with some friends.

We made cookies and the girls helped by licking the spoons.

Posed for pictures

Took naps (atleast the youngest two did!)

Played in the Bumbo seat

Took sweet pictures

Tadd took off on Friday to hang out with the kids since we were gone part of the time and Ella was out of school. The girls and Tadd "camped out" one night upstairs in their Dora tents. We made smores outside by the fire, watched movies upstairs and ate popcorn. Then they all slept upstairs under their tents-it was cute and I forgot to take any pictures. They had a great time!

My big girl, looking so grown up to me!


harris1013 said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

harris1013 said...

Come live with me!!! YOu are adorable!!! I could eat you...